Steven Rowe

Location: South Carolina

Sunday, July 11, 2004


I note the trial balloon of suspending the election in case of terroist activity is being floated/

lets hope this trial balloon is a lead balloon
talk about sending the world the wrong message......

talk about your constitutional logjam.....

is this for real???

OK, let's blog!

everybody's doing it: let's blog!

why? why not?
so this is my blog

my interests:
humor comic books of the 1940s
country music of the 1920s
folk music of all kinds (including bluegrass and world)
religion (including history of the Universalist Church in the southeast)
outdoor activities (got my canoe rack on the car)
films of the pre-code era (1935 and before); mostly comedy and actualities

do i think anybody else will be interested in all of this?
no, not really ... but... it's my blog!